Collection: Agaseke Basket



Set of 5

Agaseke (“secret” in Kinyarwanda language) basket is one of the major handicrafts that reflect Rwandan women’s culture. This traditional mini container serves various purposes (see below for usage).


100 % Handmade

Made in Rwanda // Fabriqué au Rwanda

Produced in Ruhango District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Producer Type: Cooperative

Cooperative Members: Various Artisans

Colour: Various Colours





Outer Basket: 6 - 8 inches

Inner Basket: 0.5 - 1 inches



Material Made









Gift exchange

Storage (jewelry, keepsakes, etc.)





Store in a cool and dry place only.

Do not expose to extreme heat or dusted area. If it feels too dry, spray with clean water and keep in a shaded area to dry.  

Avoid contact with liquids.



History of Agaseke Basket


Back in the day, Rwandan women from pastoral families spent a big chunk of their day taking care of milk, which included churning. During their leisure time, one of their most popular hobbies was weaving baskets—one of the fundamental knowledge areas for women as providing for the family was for men. This specific product is woven by professional women artisans who do this for a living and export them in large quantities all over the world.

This artistic technique was passed down throughout generations and now makes of the highest professional skills. Rwandan women can now express their artisanal giftings through the creation of visual effects reflected in these baskets. Agaseke is woven using locally sourced natural fibers and remains a symbol of tradition, sustainability, and beauty. Each individual basket in a set has a tight lid and embodies rich artistry and craftsmanship.